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Constance Knows America Owes Black People.

Tennessee’s governments of all levels need to adopt a Black Agenda. The fact that the black poverty rate in Knoxville is 47% is a clear indicator that programs and efforts at equality to date have been ineffective.
“How far in a state can a recognized moral wrong safely be compromised?”
-W. E. B. Du Bois

Black people and Black communities deserve and demand thoughtful, visionary, and alternative policies that address the issues important to their communities. This Black Agenda has been inspired by presidential candidates like Elizabeth Warren and developed with input from black leaders in Knoxville and other parts of Tennessee, and the Federal-Level Black Agenda 2020, which Black Coffee Justice supports. It has been constructed with an eye toward specific policies that are needed in Tennessee at the state level, though many policies will require the partnership of local municipalities.

All decisions of government made shall be made using the Racial Equity Framework.
Training on the framework should be provided to every government employee and legislator.

Learn More About the Black Agenda:

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