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Constance is a Gun Owner who supports the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms. But she is also a

daughter, sister, gay club client, sports fan, shopper and so much more, who is aware we need good gun common

sense laws.

No other country in the world has the horror of trauma from gun violence as the American Population.

Every 33mins an incident of gun violence occurs in the nation.

Even with the most recent events of mass gun violence several states including Tennessee continues to

pass laws which allows concealed carriers without permits.


In 2020 the year Tennessee passed permit less carry, 43,710 reports of gun violence around the nation.

Yet to date policy makers still fail to pass good gun common sense laws to protect ourselves and our


Again Constance is a Gun Owner who fully supports 2 nd Amendment but will also not ignore the need for

good gun common sense laws.

Constance will push good gun common sense laws to protect our children, mentality ill, & communities.

1.) Background check on Every Gun Sell.

Federal law requires licensed arms dealers to conduct background checks however numerous 3rd

party transactions are not held to the required standard, creating loopholes in access to people with

troubling histories.

2.) Constance supports legislation for federal waiting periods for gun purchases.

Waiting Laws enacts individuals who are buying guns to wait a reasonable period of time to

receive their firearms. Also popularly know as Cool Out policies provide individuals in crisis

buying weapons a opportunity to cool off to prevent drastic ideas for the purchase of a Gun.

3.) Constance supports bans on sales of military grade firearms.

As a combat veteran Constance knows military weapons do not belong in Civilians possession. Military

firearms are designed for the purpose of harm.

Mass shootings that involved assault weapons accounted for 25% of deaths & 76% of injuries. From

2009-2020 there where 30 mass shootings with assault weapons resulting in 347 deaths & 719 injuries

that were all unnecessary lost of life & preventable.

We must remove these weapons out of the hands of perpetrators of these crimes. The continuing of No

Action is unacceptable.

Constance Stands with:

-Ban the sale of Military Grade Firearms

-Background Checks on Every Gun Sale

-3rd Party Arms Dealers must be licensed to Sell.



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