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Constance Knows the trickle down model is a failure. Tennessee is 42nd in household income.

 It’s is time to try the inverted model of trickle up instead.

The biggest Lie in America is Hard Work Pays Off! Yet too many Americans work 2 or more jobs just to

make basics needs meet. Lack of livable wages, inflation, & profit over people business model has

destabilize strong & prospers Middle Class Workers. As to common Tennessee is in the lower 25 states

of worst overall performance of states in America with being the 9th worst state in quality of life.

Tennessee minimum wage is 7.25/hrs. Tennessee has the 7th highest percentage of employees in the

nation paid this abysmal wage. The cost of living has surpass wage rate and needs to be change so all

can prosper.

Income Inequality in Tennessee ranks as the 12th highest in the USA. Realistic explanation for such

disparities include globalization & poor community development, lack of Technological advancement,

disparities in tax contributions, &  discouragement/decline of labor unions.

Constance Will Grow an economy that works for every tax bracket not just those at the top.

1.) Protecting the Right to Organize Act: (PRO)

As a previous union member at various union base employment Constance adamantly supports

workers rights & right to labor organize. Tennessee revolves agriculture & energy. The staff

powering these industries have the right to collectively bargain for fair pay, safe conditions, &

appropriate time off.

2.) Implement Livable Wages.

Tennessee is Ranked 42nd in household income with many homes working 2 jobs or more.

Adopting wage scales that keep up with Inflation such as 23/hrs. will give working families the

chance to afford financial benefits. More Families will be able to pay off debts, buy homes, start-

up businesses, and boost recessive economy.

3.) Real Corporate Profits Tax Act of 2021.

Disparities in equitable income ranked 12th in Tennessee can not be more objective. Strong

Economy is reflection of Strong Working Class. Which is the concept of making corporations &

ultra wealthy pay their fare share. It is insane that working Class families pay more taxes then

some of the wealthiest companies & individuals in the nation. This is a necessity to reinvest in

our neighborhoods to give them social & economic services they deserve. Main St. Over Wall St.

Constance Stands With:

- Ban Pay-Day Loans

- Strong Workforce Unions

- Universal Child Care

- Nano Capital Resources

- Funding to Support Public Transportation to rural services areas to connect surrounding cities.



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