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Constance understands the importance of federal standards applied to all state & local law enforcement

agencies are critical for a safer America, but also for citizens respect & trust of law enforcement


US News Ranked Tennessee as 42nd in crime & corrections. Factors to poor ranking is high incarceration

rates for adults, above average incarceration rates of juveniles & high violent crime rate.

Constance will push for actions:

1.) State Public Justice Independent Oversight Committee.

The BREATHE ACT calls for the creation of a federal community public safety agency at the

Department of Health & Human Services. The same can be done for the Breathe Act on State Level

with State Level Departments.

This agency will review & examine state & local police forces that have abused their power & advise

alternative steps to reimagine relationships between communities of color & local jurisdictions.

We must become a “Just” system.

2.) Demilitarization of the Police

From the billions allotted towards the War On Terror was the excess of military weapons,

vehicles, & hardware.

Unfortunately this military equipment ended up in the streets of America to local police


Military Equipment does not belong in Civilians hands that includes Civilian police officers.

Constance will end DOD 1033 Excess Use Program in Tennessee. Constance will ban and support

federal ban on use of military equipment expect for hostage, terrorism, or mass attack


3.) Smart Funding for Police Departments

Smart funding is an innovative funding scale that uses formula based upon objective quality of

life factors. The public wants the best police for their tax dollars.

However when Unarmed citizens, teenagers killed without de-escalations tactics applied, or in

some cases innocent citizens are killed; tax dollars are redirected from better community

services to covering cost of expensive lawsuits against the city & department.

Constance requires police officers to demonstrate their training that provides Standardized

quality of life factors into policing in order to receive funding.

4.) Refunding Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Programs

Tennessee has a deific based juvenile justice program. Instead of wrap around care we are prepping

youth for a lifetime of institutionalization & incarceration. Constance will fund holistic services to kids in

juvenile & their families.

5.) Legalization of Cannabis

The tax revenue from the sale of cannabis has turned to a billion dollar market. Tennessee could use

such revenue for vast public benefits from improving Roadways to funding Mental Health services &

out reach.

Additionally all individuals incarcerated for nonviolent Cannabis offenses will be pardon/clemency in

Tennessee and have their records expunged.

It is an INJUSTICE to see people profit from Cannabis industry in the billions of dollars while regular

mostly Black Americans are still in jails for the same thing. The War On Drugs mostly negatively

impacted Black Americans Families therefore it is the minimum to restorative justice that Black

Families see their tax dollars reinvested in their communities.

Constance Stands With:

-Statewide Alternative Response Program

-End Cash Bail

-Educational Requirements

-BiYearly Physical & Mental Evaluations

-End Private Prison

-Raise Age of Employment Requirement

-Full Restoration of Previously Incarcerated Taxpayers

-Humane Jailing such as Norway Prison Model.




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