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Notre engagement

Constance values human rights of Every1 in the world and embraces sovereign rights of every nation

large or small.

May 10 1967 MLK Jr. gave the speech Three Evils. Those evils are racism, poverty, & war. Dr. King knew

greed & racism causes endless wars aboard and America ability to change for greater must come from

the realization of disproportionate funding to military vs education or Healthcare. The military budget is

778 Billion, Education 92.75 Billion, & Healthcare 132 Billion.

As Tennessee executive branch office holder and fellow War Veteran, Constance will use all non military

efforts to disengage National Guard Deployments and America Actions for War.

Constance knows we need to take care of home first and supports reallocation of military budget to

domestic and non military centered departments and policies such as HR 4864 Global Child Thrive Act


-Constance supports the sanctions and nonviolent response to the current Russia/Ukraine conflict.

-Constance is opposed to any US military involvement or deployment to Ukraine combat efforts.

-Constance calls for Ukraine and Europe to cease all discrimination against Black refugees seeking asylum

during this time of war who have not been treated with civility and humanity they deserve.

Constance Stands With:

-taking care of home front 1st . Reallocation of Bloated Military Budget to greater domestic planning

-Non Deployment of Military Forces

-Nonviolent Response using all non military approaches to manage America involvement in the

Russia/Ukraine War.




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