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Notre engagement

Constance Knows the modern day America was founded by immigrants and therefore the American

Way is to Welcome Refugees into the country.

America is built on stolen land, founded by European immigrants who enslaved Black People for their labor. ICE

is the ever evident sickness and evil of American Culture involvement of mass human cargo.

2020 Black Women wrongfully detained were forcefully sterilized while held in immigration camps.

Black Cameroonians reported torture treatment as methods to sign deportation orders. There where

several protest that occurred due to complaints of Black detainees indifference of treatment vs Latinos.

To put it plain and simple America has terrible immigration policy.

Constance Actions Will:

1.) Abolish ICE in Tennessee

2.) Overhaul immigration policy that is not rooted in white supremacy and must catharsis such

systematic injustices.

3.) Call for State and Federal congressional hearings to investigate the reports of abuse by ICE and

Immigration Camps.

Constance Stands With

-quick process of Green Cards

-Abolishment of ICE in America




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